There was a time when air conditioning in cars in the UK was seen as a bit of a pointless luxury. After all, the few hot summer days we get each year hardly warrant the ability to make the inside of your car as cold as a polar bear’s bedroom!

Yet, most cars are now fitted with it as standard. Why? Well, as well as cooling air, air conditioning dries the air too. This means that, as well as those six summer days, come winter, turning the air conditioning on warm will help demist your car much sooner than your conventional fan. Many air conditioning systems also contain air filtration systems that remove airborne particles such as pollution and pollen from entering your space. Additionally, in many vehicles using air conditioning at higher speeds is more efficient than opening a window for ventilation.

The benefits of air conditioning reach far beyond those few sunny days. However, the biggest mistake people make with air conditioning is that they seldom use it. Air conditioning systems rely on being used to circulate oil and gas which help keep rubber seals and pipes lubricated, avoiding leaks and ensuring the system runs properly. By not using your air conditioning, seals dry out, gas escapes and, when you do want to use your air conditioning, it doesn’t work properly!

At GS Carcare we are equipped to test and refill air conditioning systems to ensure that they work efficiently and cool you when you want to cool and clear your screen quickly when you want to get driving.

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Top Tip:

Just to show how much we care about our customers, here is a top tip to ensure your air conditioning system continues running properly – run your air conditioning on full-cold for 10 minutes every couple of weeks. This will allow the fluids and gas to circulate through the system ensuring you don’t have to visit us too often to top them up.

Our full range of vehicle services

GS Carcare service all makes and models of cars and light commercial vehicles above and beyond dealer standard. We are accredited to stamp your service book or update your digital service book to ensure your full service history and warranty is maintained.

GS Carcare provide professional 4-wheel alignment service using the most up to date software & equipment from Hoffman to maintain the life of your vehicle’s tyres, improve handling & get better fuel economy.

GS Carcare supply and fit only OE quality clutches & dual mass fly wheels on a regular basis at competitive prices.

GS Carcare supply and fit a wide range of tyres to all cars, trailers and light commercial vehicles. As the tyres are the only point of contact your vehicle has with the road it is important to make sure your tyres are in top condition.

Brakes are the most important safety aspect of any vehicle, it is imperative to keep your brakes maintained. If they start to fail, they can not only impair your cars performance and safety but worn brakes may also lead to you failing your MOT.

Air Conditioning is a standard feature in many modern vehicles and needs to be maintained along with the other important features of your vehicle. GS Carcare can service, re-gas and repair all aspects of air conditioning to keep it running at top performance.

GS Carcare use the most up to date diagnostic software & equipment to diagnose and fix any malfunction lights on your vehicle safely and efficiently, avoiding any costly repairs to your vehicle further down the line.

GS Carcare service and replace all timing/can belts and chains. This is the most important part of your engine. If not maintained correctly it will cause you severe engine damage and unnecessary costs.

GS Carcare can accommodate all light commercial/class 7 vehicles. We appreciate the importance of a tradesman’s vehicle so we provide swift servicing, repair & maintenance to keep you on the road.