With modern vehicles having more computing power than the rockets that took man to the moon, improving efficiency and how a vehicle runs is no longer just about spanners, screwdrivers and crawling around under the bonnet in order to find what is wrong with a car or van.

Modern vehicles are equipped with computers or ‘ECU’s to control everything from the electric windows to the engine and make things run smoothly and correctly. We can access each of these ECU’s independently to find out what is wrong with your vehicle and help guide us in fixing it.

That is not to say that a mechanic working on modern vehicles doesn’t need to know a piston from a tappet, they do, and we do! But, by having up to date computer diagnostics equipment and the training to use it, we are fully equipped to identify and rectify issues and make all modern makes and models of car and light commercial vehicle run more smoothly and efficiently.

Jaguar Land Rover Genuine SDD Diagnostic Software

It is common knowledge that Land Rover’s & Jaguars, as beautiful a vehicle as they are, when they go wrong will usually be costly to fix. Coupled up with the fact that on many modern vehicles, problems come from a software issue or access to the vehicles onboard computer systems is necessary to obtain the fault information and codes required to fix it.

Dealers have made this very difficult for independent garages to gain access this information resulting in a costly trip to a main dealer required.

Genuine Jaguar/Land Rover diagnostic software is usually needed to access the required areas on the vehicles onboard computer.


Our software includes Pathfinder for access to vehicles 2017 onwards.


Key features of Jaguar/Land Rover SDD Diagnostic Software

  • Software updates
  • Coding & programming
  • Diagnostics
  • Fault code reading
  • DPF Regeneration
  • Module programming
  • Ride height calibrating
  • Active suspension bleeding
  • Fuel injector programming
  • Service functions
  • Live data reading

Our Jaguar Land Rover Genuine SDD Diagnostics Software in action.

A customers battery being tested during a winter check.

Equipment checking for a mystery drain in the electrical system.

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